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    The training course 6.140101 Hotel and Restaurant Business

    Qualification awarded:

    Bachelor of the field “Hotel and Restaurant Business“

    Level of qualification:

    Bachelor (first cycle of higher education)

    Special requirements for admission:

    None, admittance is conducted on the general admittance conditions

    Special regulations about recognition of prior studying (formal, informal, unofficial):


    Programme profile

    Students acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: problems of a market economy; social, national, historical and demographic processes of social development; organization of the hotel industry; organization of the restaurant industry; economics of enterprise; accounting; management of the hotel and restaurant enterprises; quality management in the hotel and restaurant industry. Special attention is paid to the detailed study of a foreign language as a baseline and at the professional level of communication.

    The General amount of the Curriculum is 240 ECTS credits, including the disciplines of compulsory training – 110 credits, the disciplines selected by the faculty – 55 credits; the disciplines of free choice for a student – 60 credits, the disciplines of practical training – 15 credits.

    Key learning outcomes:

    Experts of the hotel and restaurant business can perform engineering, industrial and organizational work in the following areas:

    • organizing activities for providing the basic services in the sphere of hotel and restaurant business;
    • organization of production and maintenance in establishments of restaurant industry;
    • organizing the production process and provision of hotel services;
    • planning and design of facilities the hotel and restaurant business;
    • designing of production of the technological process in establishments of restaurant industry and improvement of technological operations;;
    • the development of short-term and medium-term planning in the work of hotel and restaurant enterprises (institutions), planning, resource requirements (material, financial, labor);
    • the use of innovative information technology in the work of enterprises.

    Professional profiles of graduates with examples

    A Bachelor of the field ”Hotel and Restaurant Business” is intended for qualified performing activities in the hotels, tourist complexes, restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, spa facilities, boarding house, vacation centers, preventative clinics, sanatoriums. Bachelor prepared to work as:

    • a specialist in rationalization of production;
    • a specialist in standardization, certification and quality;
    • a specialist in hospitality locations;
    • a specialist in hotel business;
    • a specialist in restaurant business;
    • a dispatcher of production, transportation service;
    • handling of valuation work, pre-production;
    • an Inspector of production quality control;
    • an Inspector of operational, technological and organizational issues;
    • a specialist in hotel service;
    • a specialist in organizing leisure activities;
    • an expert in specialized leisure;
    • an Instructor in principal activities;
    • an employee of informing.

    Access to further education

    A Bachelor of the field «Hotel and Restaurant Business» is eligible to proceed to the second cycle of the higher education (degree- Specialist 7.14010101 «Hotel and Restaurant Business») on a competitive basis.

    Regulations about final exams, assessment and marks/grades:

    Regulation «On credit-modular system of educational process in Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University»

    Graduation requirements

    Attestation of the quality training of the Bachelor of the field Hotel and Restaurant Businesses for the establishment of actual compliance of the educational training level to the requirements of EQC is conducted by the State Examining Board in the certain specialty. Attestation is based on the assessment of professional knowledge and skills of graduates by conducting a State exam in the specialty; comprehensive state exam in the specialty.

    Form of training

    Full-time form

    The Director of the programme:

    Stoyka Vitalij Oleksandrovich, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor , Head of the department of Technologies and organization of tourism and hotel and restaurant business.

    Structural-logical scheme for the bachelor`s degree training course 6.140101 Hotel and Restaurant Business

    Description of individual course units

    ОНД.01 History and Culture of Ukraine
    ОНД.02 Ukrainian language for professional purposes
    ОНД.03 Ukrainoznavstvo
    ОНД.04 Philosophy
    ОНД.05 Politological and social sciences
    ОНД.06 English
    ОНД.07 IC technology in the field
    ОНД.08 Fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety
    ОНД.09 Physical-Education
    ОНД.10 Higher mathematics
    ОНД.11 Basic scientific research
    ОНД.12 Philosophy
    ОНД.13 Ecology
    ОНД.14 Economics
    ОНД.15 Business Economics
    ОНД.16  Jurisprudence
    ОНД.17 Marketing
    ОНД.18 Food Chemistry
    ОНД.19 Engineering Graphics
    ОНД.20 Microbiology
    ОНД.21 Computer Science
    ОНД.22 Civil Building
    ОНД.23 Engineering Equipment of Buildings
    ОНД.24 Equipment facilities in hotel and restaurant business
    ОНД.25 Standardization, Certification and Metrology
    ОНД.26 Commodity Science
    ОНД.27 Hygiene and Sanitation in Branch
    ОНД.28 Projecting of Hotel and Restaurant Business objects
    ОНД.29 Management of marketing communications in the hotel and restaurant busines
    ДВФ.01 Рекреаційні комплекси світу
    ДВФ.02 Інфраструктура готельного і ресторанного господарства
    ДВФ.03 Статистика в готельно-ресторанній справі
    ДВФ.04 Марчандайзинг в ресторанному господарстві
    ДВФ.05 Організація готельного господарства
    ДВФ.06 Організація ресторанного господарства
    ДВФ.07 Технологія продукції ресторанного господарства
    ДВФ.08 Маркетинг готельного і ресторанного господарства
    ДВФ.09 Менеджмент готельно-ресторанного господарства
    ДВФ.10 Комунікативний менеджмент
    ДВФ.11 Економіка підприємств готельно-ресторанного бізнесу
    ДВФ.12 Планування і організація готельно-ресторанного бізнесу
    ДВФ.13 Інформаційні технології в готельному і ресторанному бізнесі
    ДВФ.14 Бухгалтерський облік у готельно-ресторанному бізнесі
    ДВФ.15 Economic ethics
    ДВФ.16 Automation economic processes (1C Accounting) II level

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