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  • 6.030505 Personnel Management and Labour Economics

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    6.030505 Management of personnel and Labour economics

    Given Qualification:

    Master of Management of personnel and Labour economics

    Level of qualification:

    Bachelor’s Degree (the first level of University education)

    Special Requirements as for entering:

    Not found. The entrance is held on general conditions.

    Special positions (conditions) about the acknowledgement of former education

    (formal, informal, unofficial)

    Not found

    Program profile

    Students get necessary knowledge and practical skills in the following spheres: labour potential management, physiology and labour psychology, conflicts management, labour organization, labour market, setting of work quota, management of personnel, personnel motivation, peronnel audit.

    General term of the curriculum is – 240 ECTS credits, including compulsory courses – 130 credits, courses of institution’s choice – 46 credits, courses of free student choice – cluster 1 – 48 credits, courses of free student choice – cluster 2 – 48 credits, practical preparation – 16 credits.

    Key results of the study:

    The uniqueness of specialist of this sphere is that they are very important in different demesnes. That is why perspectives in job placement for graduates of “Management of personnel and Labour economics” are very high.

    Masters of Business-Administration can do organizational-administrative and informational-analytical work:

    • Development of manpower policy and strategy of management of personnel.
    • Employment planning of personnel needs;
    • management of ethical behavior standard and formation of corporative culture of a company;
    • management of employment, setting of work quota, safety, social protection, discipline, and work engineering;
    • management of material and nonmaterial motivation of the work.

    Bachelor of management of personnel and labour economics is ready to work at:

    • state and local administration;
    • industrial and trading-intermediary enterprises;
    • foreign companies and firms;
    • enterprises of small business;
    • educational institutions.

    Specialists of management of personnel and labour economics can work as:

    • president of firms, companies, corporations in the sphere of management of personnel;
    • specialist of public service and national administration;
    • director of staff matter, inspector of personnel;
    • specialists of management of social protection of population;
    • personnel manager;
    • economist in the sphere of organization and compensation;
    • labour economist;
    • public assistance inspector;
    • specialist in the sphere of employment;
    • manager in the sphere of retirement insurance.

    The access to further education:

    Master’s Degree “Administrative Manager” can get postgraduate study on competitive basis.

    Statute about exams, assessment and estimation

    Temporal statue ‘About Credit-Module System of organization of educational process at Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University’.

    Demands for graduation

    Certification of the quality of the preparation of Master of Management of personnel and Labour economics is realized by State Examining Board of this speciality. Certification is realized under the estimation of the level of the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of the graduates who write master’s theses.

    Form of Study:

    Full time and part time study

    Director of the program

    Olga Grygorivna Chyrva – C.E.S., senior lecturer, Head of the Department of Marketing and Business Management.

    ОНД.01 Ukrainian language for professional purposes
    ОНД.02 Physical-Education
    ОНД.03 History and Culture of Ukraine
    ОНД.04 English
    ОНД.05 Philosophy
    ОНД.06 Politological and social sciences
    ОНД.07 Ukrainoznavstvo
    ОНД.08 Health and safety
    ОНД.09 IC technology in the field
    ОНД.10 Economics
    ОНД.11 Microeconomics
    ОНД.12 Macroeconomics
    ОНД.13 History of Economics and Economic Thought
    ОНД.14 Higher mathematics
    ОНД.15 Theory Probability and Mathematical Statistics
    ОНД.16 Optimization Methods and Models
    ОНД.17 Econometrics
    ОНД.18 Fundamentals of automation in the industry:
      Computer Science
      Automation in a branch (1 level)
    ОНД.19 Business Economics
    ОНД.20 Management
    ОНД.21 Labor economics and labor relations
    ОНД.22 Money and credit
    ОНД.23 Finances
    ОНД.24 Accounting
    ОНД.25 Marketing
    ОНД.26 International Economics
    ОНД.27 Statistics
    ОНД.28 Regional Economics
    ДВФ.01 Introduction to specialty “Personnel management and labor economics”
    ДВФ.02 Office employment potential
    ДВФ.03 Physiology and psychology of work
    ДВФ.04 Organization of work
    ДВФ.05 Labor market
    ДВФ.06 Rationing of labour
    ДВФ.07 Motivating staff
    ДВФ.08 HR
    ДВФ.09 Audit staff
    ДВФ.10 Science of law
    ДВФ.11 Economic ethics and business etiquette
    ДВФ.12 Automation of economic processes (1C Accounting) Level 2

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